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With the current rise in energy costs, many people are looking to install solar systems in their homes. But what if you’ve already taken the steps to equip your home with solar? You may be thinking about adding battery storage to your home’s solar system. Here we look at the pros and cons of adding battery storage to a home solar system.


Adding battery storage is a significant short-term monetary investment. A quality battery will last between 10 – 15 years and cost around $10,000, with labour an additional expense. However, the long-term benefits include eventual savings in energy costs by lowering your reliance on the grid and reducing your home’s energy price pressures. 

If you’re considering installing battery storage, it’s important to have your home properly assessed because not all houses need batteries. For example, if a house has solar panels and is still receiving energy bills, this means there is not enough surplus power to store, and hence a battery would be an unnecessary expense.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in everyday conversation, and sustainable living is at the forefront. As more people take action to align the way they live with their values, they’re considering how to make their homes more sustainable.

Adding battery storage to your solar system helps to future proof your home and may increase your home’s overall value, particularly when it comes to future homeowners’ perceptions. Grants are available, so check with your local council to see whether your home qualifies.


With the increase in severe weather events, battery storage offers security during power outages, which can pose significant issues in a city’s outer living areas. If you have a medical condition or need to refrigerate medicine, a battery can ensure ongoing power supply, acting as a back-up to a generator. 

Battery storage can also continually power internet connections and devices for those working from home.

Are you considering battery storage for your solar system?

If you’re considering installing battery storage to your solar system, we can help in your decision making. At TCON, we can assist by reviewing the size of your house and the level of use of electrical appliances, pool pumps, and water pumps. We then review the size (in KW) of the solar panel system required.

In most cases, we recommend installing a solar panel system and pre-wiring for a battery setup. After living in your home for 12 months, we can then reassess your situation. You may decide to install more solar panels if you’re using more energy than assumed. And, if you are providing surplus energy, you may consider battery storage to assist at night time with your energy usage.

When it comes to solar systems and adding battery storage, we’re ready to assist with any queries you may have. Contact us to start the conversation today.


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