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Pre-coated timber is steadily gaining in popularity, transforming homes with a fresh look that lasts. From saving time and money to focusing on your home’s distinctive architectural features, there are many benefits to using pre-coated timber. Here, we reveal how you can transform the look of your home and push design boundaries by using pre-coated timber for your external cladding and decking.


Firstly, let’s take a look at what pre-coated timber is and how it can improve your home. Pre-coated means that the timber is factory coated and arrives ready to use. From the moment it arrives onsite, the timber is protected against the elements – saving time and reducing labour.

Uncoated timber is prone to warping, cupping and decay, particularly when it comes into contact with wet weather conditions. While it’s possible to coat timber by hand, it’s much quicker to do by machine. A pre-coating machine can coat up to 1,000 metres an hour and ensures the oil is evenly dispersed across all boards – which is not always the case with manually coated timber.

Oiling a deck once boards are installed is very difficult, while pre-coating by hand takes a long time and is weather dependent. When you choose pre-coated, these are things you won’t have to worry about.


When designing your dream home, the last thing you want to worry about is timber that warps, twists or expands once installed. By using pre-coated timber, you can relax knowing it’s completely protected from the elements – meaning you can focus on your home’s distinctive architectural features.

Maybe you have big plans for a timber deck and a pool in the backyard. While traditional timber can be a nightmare when it comes into contact with water, pre-coated timber is far less likely to warp and will last much longer. Equally, it’s a great choice for cladding, as it’s far more protected from the elements.

Using pre-coated timber won’t put any limits on your topcoat creativity either. Finishing the timber with a topcoat after installation is important for ensuring long-lasting protection and means you can choose a colour that suits your unique design or go with the same finish that has been pre-coated.

Using pre-coated timber could also mean your dream home gets completed fasted. Not only will builders be able to continue work on wet days, it’s also much easier to clean – meaning any dust or dirt from the building site can be wiped straight off.


Longevity plays a huge part when creating a home. You want your home to be a place that suits your needs for many years to come, without constant worries about time-consuming upkeep and maintenance.

Pre-coated timber minimises tannin leaching which prevents discolouration and stains on nearby materials. It’s also far less likely to warp, expand or rot, so your decking and cladding will stay looking fresher for longer – helping you achieve a home that lasts a lifetime.

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