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Quality, innovation, and architectural detail lie at the heart of TCON. Founded by Tim Walker in 2012, these key principles have carried through from Tim’s formative years as a carpenter to form the DNA of TCON. Tim’s love for architecture and his extreme eye for detail, ensures that each of his projects are reviewed thoroughly prior to the construction phase, guaranteeing exceptional results

With a permanent workforce of over 20 employees, we are a strongly systems and technology-based company, designed from the ground up to be able to take on a large number of high-end residential projects at one time.

We are focused on the continued professional development of all our staff and recognise the importance of transparency, clear communication and close relationships.

This extends to our relationships with clients and project partners as it is our ultimate goal to exceed expectations, continue relationships past handover, finish on or before contract end dates and stay true to budget.

Personal Focus

Priding ourselves on renovating heritage homes with contemporary extensions or building unique homes from scratch, we can produce homes catered just for you and your needs.

We take pride in the work we do, and are personally accountable throughout the whole process, with Tim and the team working collaboratively to ensure the optimal outcome is always achieved right down to the finest of details.

If we find something that doesn’t look right in the set of documentation, then we are happy to let you know about it before it’s too late.

Qualifications & Experience

All projects are run by our highly qualified Construction team, working closely and collaboratively with Tim, our Registered Builder. Our team are all up to date with the latest industry specifications, codes and practices and will achieve the exact, architectural results you require.

Our knowledgeable team have an extensive hands-on understanding of the industry. We are experts in large scale architectural renovations, extensions and custom new builds which is why your home is best suited to TCON.

We know how to build fast and efficient project schedules, set goals and targets to get you a finished result quicker than most other builders, whilst ensuring all the architectural details are met and achieved.

Customer Communication

We are honest and transparent in our approach, and pride ourselves on positive customer involvement, even for those difficult conversations.

To build trust, we take the time to involve clients in important decisions to make the process as clear as possible. The construction journey ahead then becomes transparent with no hidden surprises.

Progress reports and updates are regular and contact is constant, meaning we are only ever an email or phone call away.

We keep you up-to-date with our Client Portal that has schedules, daily logs, photos, message board, contract details and everything you want to keep up with the journey.

Quality & Value

Quality workmanship is hard to find these days and we go to great efforts to ensure that high standards are always met and exceeded.

We have developed a trusted team of contractors and trades to bring you the best balance of quality in workmanship and overall value for money.

We have developed our own detailed systems and are extremely thorough and transparent with our costing, invoicing and all technological systems to ensure you receive exactly what you’ve asked for.

Attention to Detail

The devil is in the detail and it’s all the same with building. We work with some of Melbourne’s best architects and clients to ensure that a vision is honoured and justified through excellent collaboration with state-of-the-art building practices.

In our experience the little things matter, and often make all the difference, so this is why our relationships with the Architect matters. When we work together, we think of everything as a team to ensure we deliver as promised


Our technological and systems background allows us to control your project and understand where we are at financially, contractually and ensure your job schedule is on track at all times. We utilise technology to its full potential and with advancements ongoing, are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to ensure we are one step ahead of the game.


Built from the ground-up with a focus on our employees, technology and open communication, TCON has established the perfect balance with our company and employee structure. This allows the managing director to focus on client/architect relationships, architectural key details, quality control and ensuring all projects are built the way they were designed to be.


What is the cost of renovating a high-end architectural home? This is a question we often get asked. The question could be answered many different ways but our typical houses range from $5,000 to $7,000 per m2 of new build or extension. A basement could cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 per m2 and to renovate the existing heritage home that hasn’t been extended can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per m2 depending on how many bathrooms, extent of joinery, re-wiring, flooring, double glazing front windows, extensive cornice and plastering works, etc.

Yes, we are renowned as an Architectural Builder, specialising in Basements. We work with Pleysier Perkins, Matt Gibson, Mim Design and many other world renowned Architects in Melbourne. We focus on the details that are important to the Architect and we highly recommend involving your builder in the very early stages of design concepts. We specialise in Heritage builds and have the trades to support our project delivery for you.

Yes, TCON is known as a Basement Builder because of our high level experience in building large basements. We only build a “dry basement” which means it is not a damp space, even if it’s just for car storage, we would highly recommend keeping your basement dry, feel free to contact us and Tim will explain the reasons behind this.

Our main basement construction would be bored piers, capping beam and shotcrete walls. Other basement construction methods involve Dincel walls which, at 200mm thick, are waterproof and core filled with steel and concrete. We don’t recommend using blockwork in a basement as the waterproofing membranes that sit behind can break down easily and the area to work in is confined when trying to correctly waterproof the walls and can create issues later on and when backfilled.

A typical basement should take 14-16 weeks to construct, depending on the size and if we are hit with Melbourne’s cold and wet winters.

TCON is based in Surrey Hills, servicing the Inner suburbs of Melbourne. Being based in the Inner East, we would typically build in Boroondara suburbs such as Canterbury, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Glen Iris, Kew, Balwyn and Deepdene. We are known as an Architectural Builder who specialises in Basements and this pushes our work further out into areas such as Brighton, Toorak, Middle Park, Northcote and Ivanhoe as well. Reach out and we can discuss your project and talk about it.

We love working with new Architects and they always enjoy working with us. If you want to bring a new Architect forward, make sure you let us know in the early stages of design so we can work collaboratively and ensure everything has been considered.

TCON specialises in the following: Architectural builds, Architectural renovations and extensions, Interior design renovations, Heritage renovations and extensions, basements and new builds. When it comes to renovating your home, our team is highly experienced in this area and when a new house needs to be built, we can’t wait to have a clean slate to start from.

This all depends on where in the journey you currently are. If you’ve got a full set of documentation and specifications then we can price your project straight away and let you know of a commencement date. This process takes about 4 weeks to price and if all is in order, the job will start about 6 weeks later.

If you don’t have any plans as yet, we can point you in the right direction of some great architects depending on the type of project you want to build and the location.

The planning permit stage (When dealing with Heritage) takes roughly 6 – 9 months, followed by the Building documentation stage which is another 6 – 9 months following approval. Be prepared for a 12 – 18 month period of design before your build will begin.

Whatever suits you best! In person, phone calls, emails, messages, WhatsApp groups, you name it we’ve done it. In the early stages of planning and pricing we will catch up in person (if it suits), we can review your home, take a look around and this is the start of our working relationship with our clients.

A typical larger scale renovation project will take 11 working months and if your project has a basement then the project would be looking closer to 14 months. We build quickly and won’t keep you away any longer than we need to deliver the project as promised. Don’t worry you can still visit site along the way.

All of our work comes with Implied warranties as written in the consumer law. For a full detailed list of all the implied warranties that a builder must provide visit Consumer Affairs.

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